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We wanted fewer white walls, an absence of decorative posters and anything but run-of-the-mill furniture!

Instead, we wanted all the rooms, the lobby and other common areas to have an original colour, design and art concept that fit our style. And so we turned to Daniel Hunziker Design Identity and the artist Nina Staehli.
In the 19th and 20th century, Siebnen had been an important industrial site in the canton of Schwyz: spinning and weaving mills, furniture factories, old transport routes and power plants all shaped the development of the region.

DANIEL HUNZIKER counters this historical legacy with a contemporary statement: with a powerful colour concept, a modern corporate identity (logo and signage), and a custom furniture collection. Each room has a specific colour palette. The wall colours contrast with the bold tones of the built-in furniture, which was designed according to each room’s size and orientation . The designer infuses a powerful aesthetic into the furniture with a reduced design vocabulary to create a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere. His collection is made with wood, which elegantly upholds the tradition of the furniture industry in the region.

It is typical for the designer to think and work with the bigger picture in mind. Daniel Hunziker Design Identity is always weaving together experiments with materials, techniques and forms, the knowledge of art and music, and the skills of an ETH engineer and industrial designer into sustainable innovations. Working in Zurich and Rome, he and his small, agile team have developed comprehensive design concepts for hotels, restaurants, business and museum shops; urban furniture for cities and municipalities; and scenography for exhibitions. He also designs furniture collections, one-off pieces and accessories.

NINA STAEHLI’s «Fil Rouge» is a total work of art with our hotel as the canvas. In 36 different sculptures and 21 abstract photographs, she touches on various themes such as nature, textiles, tradition and refuge. All the pieces were made on site and adorn the rooms and common areas today. Staehli takes up the symbolic idea of the «fil rouge» (French for «red thread», which means «recurrent theme» or «leitmotif») by linking it to the spinning and weaving mills that once defined this region. The artist went to Stockberg mountain and took photographs of pieces of thread there. The installations were transformed into large-scale poetic images by her gaze and her perspective.
Nina Staehli realises interventions, performances, films and multimedia exhibitions. Her work cycles consist of sculptures, paintings and installations. Drawing on her acting experience, she integrates photography, film, literature and theatre into her unique body of work. She has also collaborated with curators, museums, galleries, authors, art publicists – and time and again with Daniel Hunziker. She has also carried out a number of site-specific art projects in Switzerland and Berlin. Staehli lives and works in Lucerne and Berlin.